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August 15, 2022

DCFC Youth Sabre Challenge - Saturday, September 17, 2022

A Youth Sabre Challenge will be held on Saturday, September 17, at DCFC's Forest Glen Fencing Center.

The Youth-10/12 competition will close registration at 4:00pm. The Y10 & Y12 events may be separated if there are sufficient entries. The Youth-14 Mixed Sabre will close at 6:00pm.

Preregister at AskFRED.

DCFC Youth Epee Challenge - Sunday, September 18, 2022

A Youth Epee Challenge will be held on Sunday, September 18, at DCFC's Forest Glen Fencing Center.

The Youth-10 Mixed Epee competition will close registration at 10:00am. The Youth-12 event will close at 12:00pm. The Youth-14 Mixed Mixed Epee will close at 3:00pm.

Preregister at AskFRED.

Champagne Challenge #1 Mixed Epee Open - Sunday, September 25, 2022

A Champagne Challenge will be held on Sunday, September 25, at DCFC's Forest Glen Fencing Center.

The Open Mixed Epee competition will close registration at 10:00am.

Preregister at AskFRED.

Annual Meeting of the Membership and Executive Committee Meeting - Sunday, July 17, 2022

The annual meeting of the Capitol Division membership was held on Sunday, July 17, 2022. The Capitol Division officers were elected unopposed:

Minutes of the Membership Meeting and Executive Committee Meeting will be posted soon.

Referee Training Supported by Capitol Division

The Capitol Division Executive Committee is committed to increasing the number of rated referees within the division.

To support this goal, the Committee has voted to reimburse any Capitol Division member's referee clinic fees and testing fees if they pass the written test and practical exam and successfully earn a referee rating. Travel and hotel expenses are not reimbursable, only the fees for the clinic and test. Verification of the rating earned and documentation of the testing fees should be sent to the Division Treasurer.

In addition, the Capitol Division will reimburse the $35.00 membership upgrade fee for new referees (and those who have just turned age 18).

Capitol Division International Competition Grants

For the 2021-2022 season, the Capitol Division is pleased to make international competition travel grants of $400.00 available to individual fencers who are members of the Division. These grants are being made to fulfill our mission, as outlined in our bylaws, to assist Divisional fencers to reach their full potential in fencing. These grants are available to reimburse expenses related to competing in cadet, junior, and senior US Fencing designated international competitions and at Veteran World Championships and to attending those same competitions as a member of the official US Fencing delegation.

Fencers are eligible for one grant per season. Grants are available for expenses not fully reimbursed from other sources.

In order to receive these grants, eligible fencers should submit the Capitol Division International Competition Grant Application to the Capitol Division's Developmental Committee with copies of all the relevant receipts. Reimbursements for expenses will be disbursed by the Treasurer of the Capitol Division.

Deadlines for filing applications for the 2021-2022 season:

Application and receipts should be e-mailed to or mailed to:

Capitol Division Developmental Grants

For the 2021-22 season, the Capitol Division is pleased to make developmental grants of $300.00 available to the member clubs. Member clubs are eligible for developmental grants every other season. These grants are being made to fulfill our purposes and objectives as outlined in our bylaws, in particular our missions to support, enhance and develop the sport of fencing and to assist Divisional fencers to reach their full potential in fencing. These grants should not be used for ordinary club expenses such as rent or US Fencing membership; rather the clubs should use these funds to enhance the experience of Divisional fencers in the spirit of our bylaws. One grant will be available to each club.

The list below gives a few examples of ways that these funds could be used. This list includes suggestions, but the committee is open to other uses:

In order to receive these grants, the club representative should submit a proposal on the Capitol Division Developmental Grant Application to the Capitol Division's Developmental Committee. The proposal will be submitted to the rest of the Executive Committee. If the proposal is approved, the club representative should submit receipts for the expenses covered by the grant and a check will be sent to the member club.

The grant application form and receipts should be e-mailed to or mailed to:

The deadline for grant application is June 15, 2022.

Minutes of the Capitol Division Annual Membership Meeting & Executive Committee Meetings

Capitol Division Rated Referees

Below is a list of the rated referees (from the US Fencing Referee Database) who are members of Capitol Division (2022-08-04).

The Referees’ Commission has realigned referee ratings to match requirements for local, regional and national events. Moving away from the current ratings of P for having passed exams in a particular weapon, and the 10 – 1 scale — with the lower number representing the higher level of the referee — the new rating scale is:

Note: R1 rated referees are eligible for selection to referee at national events, depending on tournament needs.

N2 and N1 ratings will be awarded during the annual Referees’ Commission meeting.

Foil Epee Sabre
Sabharwal Sunil 2 DelGaizo Robert 3 Andes Nathan 2
DelGaizo Robert 3 Adams Jim 4 Bhattacharjee Rhea 4
Nazlymov Vitali V 3 Bhattacharjee Rhea 4 Bloom Samuel 4
Holbrook Andrew L. 4 Bloom Samuel 4 Adams Jim 5
Ferrara Nick 5 Muravyev Aleksey 4 Samblanet Michael 5
Smith Brianna 5 Andes Nathan 5 Campbell Colin B. 5
Moret Eric N. 5 Brasted K.E. (Maggie) 5 Ferrara Nick 6
Muravyev Aleksey 5 Bukowski Bronson 5 Mayerovitch Jessica 6
Howard Marcus A. 5 Dobloug Lisa 5 Klebs Robert 6
Adams Jim 6 Duncan Corwin 5 Del Vecchio Nicolas S. 6
Sloter Lewis 6 Feldman Jill 5 Ruby Aaron 6
Feldman Jill 6 Renton Samantha 5 DelGaizo Robert 7
Tamulonis Fen 6 Barwick William "Allen" 6 Dobloug Lisa 7
Pinkus Larry M 7 Ferrara Nick 6 Moore Matthew 7
Brasted K.E. (Maggie) 7 Fields Lauren G. 6 Dhar Asif 7
McNamara Castilla 7 Holbrook Andrew L. 6 Hoffman Timothy R. 7
Gandluri Sarah 7 Samblanet Michael 6 Koroleva Elizaveta 7
Renton Samantha 7 Simak Joseph 6 Leonard Cole 7
Patterson Malcolm 8 Subramanian Arjuna 6 Nazlymov Andrei 7
Barwick William "Allen" 8 Chin Matthew 7 Nazlymov Tatiana 7
Fields Lauren G. 8 Gandluri Sarah 7 Muravyev Aleksey 8
Bloom Samuel 8 Howard Marcus A. 7 Duncan Corwin 8
Malnati Don 8 Keegan Katelyn C. 7 Holbrook Andrew L. 8
Hargenrader Kailen 8 Kim Julia 7 Gandluri Sarah 8
Knizhnik David 8 Levy Lior 7 Do Trina T. 8
Paulson Connor 8 Cohen Mattias Kai 7 Olsen Natalie 8
Weil Brent 8 Haddad Robert F. 7 Smith Brianna 8
Walker Mary Anne 9 Henry Asha S. 7 Trauth Laura 8
Mayerovitch Jessica 9 Nosil Andrew 7 Walker Mary Anne 8
Miller Timothy 9 Raul Julian 7 Wong Kat 8
Andes Nathan 9 Walker Alec 7 Kramer Ryan 8
Higgison Hunter M. 9 Hargenrader Kailen 8 Cohen Samuel D. 8
Samblanet Michael 9 Malnati Don 8 Tang Annie 8
Klebs Robert 9 Nazlymov Vitali V 8 Barwick William "Allen" 9
Kramer Ryan 9 Sirico Thomas 8 Simak Joseph 9
Duncan Corwin 10 Sloter Lewis 8 Howard Marcus A. 9
Zhitomirskiy Ilya 10 Do Trina T. 8 Keegan Katelyn C. 9
Kim Julia 10 Olsen Natalie 8 Malnati Don 9
Reichman Marsha 10 Boswell Griffin 8 McNamara Castilla 9
McSpadden Chance 10 Flanagan Seth 8 McSpadden Chance 9
Levy Lior 10 Hensal Nicolas 8 McCullough Wayne 9
Lehfeldt Damien S. P Hilbert Gabriel E. 8 Weil Brent 9
Bukowski Bronson P Joyner-Meyers Abraham 8 Lu Amy 9
Sirico Thomas P Sirico Meghan 8 Henry Soraya 9
Moore Matthew P Mayerovitch Jessica 9 Ma Grace C. 9
Wright Ezra P McNamara Castilla 9 Shi Cathleen 9
Simak Joseph P McSpadden Chance 9 Chin Matthew 10
Dobloug Lisa P Miller Timothy 9 Nazlymov Vitali V 10
Chin Matthew P Patterson Malcolm 9 King Robert F. 10
Bhattacharjee Rhea P Smith Brianna 9 Yee Evan 10
Trauth Laura P Tamulonis Fen 9 Renton Samantha P
King Robert F. P Cohen Charlie 9 Cohen Mattias Kai P
Keegan Katelyn C. P Asher Jacob 9 Sirico Thomas P
King Robert F. 10 Sloter Lewis P
Paulson Connor 10 Cohen Charlie P
Trauth Laura 10 Pinkus Larry M P
McCullough Wayne 10 Wright Ezra P
Klebs Robert P Littleton Riggins P
Knizhnik David P Srere Mark A. P
Pinkus Larry M P
Walker Mary Anne P
Weil Brent P
Wright Ezra P
Zhitomirskiy Ilya P
Wong Kat P
Lu Amy P
Yee Evan P
Haddad Justin R. P
Hilbert Xavier P
Jeandheur Carole A. P
Su Caleb P

Division Officers and Executive Committee 2021-2022

Nick Ferrara (
Arnold Wynn (
Bettie Graham (
Fen Tamulonis (
Members at Large:
Valerie Asher (
Elliott Clinton (
Raymond Finkleman (
Representatives of the member clubs
Phil Keefer, CAPITAL (
Matthew Moore, CCFC (
Byron Neslund, DCFC (
Galina Rakityanskaya, INVICTA - (
Jill Feldman, NAZLYMOV - (
Sean Fitzgerald, TERRAPIN (
Hunter Higgison, GWFC (
Malcolm Patterson, RFA (
George King, NCFC (

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