Mike Brown Award

The "Mike Brown Award" is named for Michael Brown, who was chair of the Capitol Division from 2005 to 2007. An epeeist, Mike coached the epee squad at UMCP during the early 2000s and assisted the team in transitioning from a purely recreational club to a more competitive club within both the USFA and the NCAA. As chair of the Capitol Division, Mike helped make the annual Cherry Blossom Open into a major event and was honored by the Capitol Division with the "Arrogant Bully Award" for his efforts.

Mike passed away on August 24, 2007, after losing a fight with cancer. In his honor, the Capitol Division created the "Mike Brown Award", a 1-year competitive membership in the Capitol Division of the US Fencing Association, to recognize his insistence on greater accountability in the conduct of meets and his support for upgrading the quality of the referees for all tournaments. The "Mike Brown Award" is awarded annually to the most promising fencer at the University of Maryland (see the suggested criteria for choosing the recipient of the Mike Brown Award).

2022-2023 Mike Brown Award
Brian Falvey

Brian Falvey started fencing when he joined the club in the fall 2021 semester. While that season had been substantially reduced in scope due to covid, he participated in as many events as he could. This includes BWCFC where he helped the school come in first place overall at Champs. He has also been invested in club leadership and assumed the role of treasurer after only a year with the team. We look forward to seeing how his skill will improve and help change the team for the better over the coming years.

Mike Brown Award History

2021-2022: No Award
2020-2021: No Award
2019-2020: Sean Fitzgerald
2018-2019: Fatemeh Paryavi
2017-2018: No Award
2016-2017: Ben Schaefer
2015-2016: No Award
2014-2015: Jack Hiebner
2013-2014: Nicholas Heath
2012-2013: Duncan Enerson
2011-2012: Ozymandias Fallick
2010-2011: Sam Metz
2009-2010: Joseph Hsu

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