Junior and Cadet Championships/Junior Olympic Qualifiers
Junior Men's Epee - November 18, 2000

    17 Entries
    1. Matt Echave (Q), DCFC
    2. Robby King (Q), DCFC
    3. Jamie Rohrbach (Q), DCFC
    4. Max Haney (Q), DCFC
    5. Lloyd Buckner (Q), DCFC
    6. Matt Yalowitz (Q), DCFC
    7. Colin Bannon, DCFC
    8. Murphy McHugh, DCFC
    9. Tristan Bannon, DCFC
    10. Joshua Packman, DCFC
    11. Yunhan Luo, Georgetown Prep (GP) (Excluded due to citizenship)
    12. Nick Salvatore, DCFC
    13. Pierre Lazare, DCFC (Excluded due to citizenship)
    14. Thomas Carroll, DCFC
    15. Terence Lam, GP (Excluded due to citizenship)
    16. Anthony Susilo, GP (Excluded due to citizenship)
    17. Clifford Lee, GP (Excluded due to citizenship)

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